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Subway Surfers is a Temple Run-style game

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The objective of subway surfers mod apk is very simple. You automatically dart up the screen along the train tracks, and must avoid all the obstacles in your path, such as trains, buffers and carts. 
Within the game, you help the Little jack to dodge the barriers and run away from the inspector. As a simple yet amazingly addictive game, Subway Surfers is truly an awesome game for kids.
- Tackle the trains with your awesome crew of 2.
- Enjoy and experience colorful and vivid HD graphics.
- Surfing with your hoverboard!
- Fly with your supercharged jetpack!
- Lightning fast agility and acrobatics!
- Play with your friends by challenging and helping each other!
Subway Surfers is an interesting game to play. In this game, players need to run as fast as they can. Besides, they need to collect the golden coins on their way. Generally speaking, the whole game graphics is very soft, which is good to players' eyesight. Except for running, players can build a fabulous train with their friends. This game is very popular among both adults and children for three reasons. 

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