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  1. As the FM 2010 research is going to start next month, recruitment of new assistants will re-start very soon.
  2. Hi all,Because of the approaching of the FM 2009 Data Deadline at the end of January, the recruitment of Thai Research Assistant will be stopped now until further announcement. After the deadline, database will be changed into FM 2010 format. For any subsribers who have not returned your data please return them as soon as possible. Otherwsie your player text file will be unable to be imported into the DB because of the changes in data format.For those who has successfully become the assistant, your edited data will appear in the Patch 3 of FM 2009 released on the mid of February.Thanks for all your contributions.Frank
  3. Hi all,So far the progress about the Thai data research is far below satisfaction. There are many people applying to be researchers but only half of them have told us which club(s) they are willing to research for and the other half just said they are interested and then disappeared. Among those who successfully applying researching a club, only ONE (Chula Utd subsriber) has returned his data and now successfully becomes the research assistant and there are still no replies from the rest of subsribers.For the rest of the subsribers, please return your data as soon as possible because the deadline set for you have been expired already (8 days). There will be a final deadline at the end of January which is for all FM 2009 data. After the end of January, the FM 2009 database will be transformed into FM 2010 format and all items of the FM 2010 database will be changed. That means all the player text file on your hand no longer can be used because of the changes about the file format. So, please return your data as soon as possible.
  4. I would suggest you if you have any questions about the research, you should ask me directly instead of asking publicly, ok? For those who have emailed to me applying to be research assistants, I have already replied all of your applications and have asked for your choices about the team you want to research for. Please reply back for your choices via email. For those who have got no repiles, please re-send your applications, thank you.
  5. Hi All,If you want to help, please send email to me directly instead of just leave the email here. Because I can just see many of you leaving email address on this thread (I cannot read Thai, I can only see a lot of email addresses) but I don't know who wants to help or who just leave the email here for other purposes (may be make friends or other purpose else).Besides, I would like to point out that everyone who have helped for the research will be credited in the Research Credit part in the coming FM serie and everyone in the world will know your contribution. BUT the pre-requisite condition is that I must at least know who you are and I must know you have helped. I know that some of you try to email to other research assistants and help them on collecting the data directly rather than contacting me. I must point out that if those assistants do not report to me that you (or any third parties) have helped for the research, I will never know about your contributions and it would be impossible for me to put your name into the Research Credit part. Also, if you have finished the data, you should send back your work back to me instead of sending your work to any other else. If you send it to other people, I will never know that you have finished the data and I would just regarded that you have withdrawn. So, all who would like to help, please email to me directly instead of email to the others. Thank You.
  6. Hi, 1) We collect data in different nations but as I'm the Asian researcher and I posted this message in a Thai FM forum, so, I expect the data would be Thai data (including players + clubs), if you have data from other Asian nations, you are welcome. 2) what do you mean by "illegal data"??? If the data and works you have provided show quality, it will be directly used as the official FM data. For the rewards - your name will be credited in the game research credit part. Every FM fans in the world will know what you have contributed.
  7. 1) There will be NO Thai League in the next patch but it could be included in future Football Manager series. ButI would like to point out that even there are no Thai League included in next patch, the data you have provided can still be included into the official data patch. If any of you would like to make a Thai League patch, surely it will save a lot of time to re-make the same set of players everytime when you want to make the patch.2) Many~ actually what you can see inside the game will be needed. Mainly players, non-playing staff and club basic info. If any of you are interested, a specific tool will be given to handle the data.
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