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จัดไปอีกชุด Ajinkx's Training

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Ajinkx's Training FM12 Modelled on SFraser



AT FIT LongTime - For getting players back to maximum fitness when they have been injured for a long time (Over 1 month according to me). Put them in this until they reach peak fitness.


AT FIT ShrtTime - For getting players back to maximum fitness when they have been injured for short time (Less than 1 month according to me). Put them in this until they reach peak fitness. Can also be used for Preseason.


The other Schedules are split into 2 categories :


1. MainTeam - For Players who regularly contest for First team/Squad rotation/ Backup spots and are over 23. Eg: Rooney , Park Ji Sung, etc. This has more focus on training Mental attributes.


2. Dev (Developing) - For younger players who are yet to reach to their potential. This has slightly more focus on training Technical attributes. Eg: Jones, Welbeck etc.


Both of them have equal emphasis on training Physical attributes.


Youth trainings have also been designed, which are basically similar to the Dev Schedules above.



For Goalkeepers :


AT GKs MainTeam

AT GKs Dev

AT GKs Youth


For Centre Backs :


AT CBs MainTeam

AT CBs Dev

AT CBs Youth


For Full backs :


AT FBs MainTeam

AT FBs Dev

AT FBs Youth


For Defensive Midfielders/Anchor Men/ Ball winners :


AT DMs MainTeam

AT DMs Dev

AT DMs Youth


For Central Midfielders :


AT CMs MainTeam

AT CMs Dev

AT CMs Youth


For Attacking Midfielders :


AT AMs MainTeam

AT AMs Dev

AT AMs Youth


For Wide Midfielders/Wingers/Inside Forwards :


AT WMs MainTeam

AT WMs Dev

AT WMs Youth


For Target Men (Big strong forwards/Technical Forwards) :


AT TMS MainTeam


AT TMS Youth


For Fast Strikers (Whose job is just to finish) :


AT FST MainTeam


AT FST Youth



Remarks :


1. Try to sign the best coaches possible and then sign cheaper coaches to decrease the workload of coaches.

2. Have atleast 1 coach for each specialty training.

3. If any player complains of high workload,it shows that they are unprofessional (They have low professionalism attributes). In their cases, reduce the OVERALL WORKLOAD to 1 notch below the "Heavy" category.

4. Rotate your players well to avoid injuries, to keep morale high and to avoid overworking your players. Preventing injuries are better than curing them.


Feel free to comment, but only constructive ones as only such comments will be mutually helpful for both me and you, rather than comments like " This training sucks!" , "This is crap!" won't help anyone. Comments like "You can focus more on Aerobic training rather than Strength training for Wingers" will help. As I feel that this is not the finished article, I would like you to help me by posting your suggestions.


Hope you all enjoy this.


To use the schedule:


1. Download.

2. Place it in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/Schedules.

3. If you do not have a schedules folder then create one.

4. In the game go to training. Click on schedules then manage schedules and click on import, and if you have put them in the right folder, they should be there. If they aren't, please revert back to step one.



Credit By Ajinkx10........Thanks



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ซ้อมหนัก 5555

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