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[FM15] Thailand Complete Football Pyramid

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Hello, I am a brazilian who loves football worldwide... I can't speak Thai neither understand too much about Thai leagues, but I made this for some thai friends I have who helped me with the research too =)


I'm sorry if I have made any mistakes in the rules, I did my best . I thought you guys would be interested in this, so I am posting here :008:

I will gladly take any feedback to improve the file!



Original post in SI forums ( http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/410166-FM15-Thailand-Complete-Football-Pyramid )


[FM15] Thailand Complete Football Pyramid

Hi guys!
This file contains the complete Thai football system. I did my best with help of thai friends to make the rules and the format as close as possible to reality icon_smile.gif Everything is based on the 2015 rules.
Prize money, TV rules, schedules, etc etc were all tweaked to match real-life.

I also updated some awards / country rules / famous players / competition winners etc etc

Competitions included:
- Thai Premier League
- Thai Division 1 League
- Thai Division 2 Regional League
-Central & Eastern
-Central & Western
-Bangkok & Field
- Thai FA Cup
- Thai League Cup
- Kor Royal Cup (Super Cup)
- Toyota Premier Cup
- Singapore Cup (If Singapore is loaded, Thai clubs may get invited)

Have fun... let me know of any problems / incorrect research.


Download link:


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C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data

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C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data

ว่าแต่ต้องโหลดอะไรรึป่าวครับผม พอเอาไปใส่แล้วอ่าฮ่าๆ

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I've just download your database. it seems that your database may not be correct or maybe outdated.


for some reason I found Bangkok FC in TPL in which they shouldn't be there at all.


haven't check the other team though

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