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Patch 11.2 Now Released!

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Football Manager 2011 v11.2.0



Crash Fixes


- Fixed pre-match attendance news item crash on load.

- Fixed crash on start of matchday if a human manager has a touchline ban and has no players picked currently.

- Fixed a potential award crash with custom leagues.

- Fixed crash when processing retirements when a staff has no nation set.

- Fixed crash when processing retirements when a player has no club.

- Fixed a potential crash after a player is removed from a shortlist.




- Fixed assistant feedback on players being played out of position when using wingbacks.

- Fixed issue where replay of last disallowed goal in last 5 minutes of match shows the whole last 5 minutes.

- Fixed issue with one goalkeeper kick from hands animation not playing correctly.

- Fixed issue with players fading out at the end of a highlight when another highlight starts immediately after.

- Fixed issue where match would sometimes freeze until the user goes to a pitch view or changes screen.

- Physio and stretcher bearer colours improved.




- Added extra restrictions on fees, bonuses and clauses for Israeli 19-21 year olds to reflect their wage cap.

- Adjustment for English lower league finances.

- Adjustment to Spanish lower league expenditure

- Increased chance of AI teams improving stadia.

- Fixed discrepancy in wage amounts that can be offered.




- Tweaked attendances in later stage cup competition matches played at neutral stadiums.

- Adjusted the effects of setting a player to "Rest" training schedule.

- Adjusted second nationalities to ensure foreign newgens don't require work permits when created.

- Improved code to select city of birth for foreign newgens.

- Adjusted Swedish attendances especially for rivalry matches.

- Renamed "Movement" individual training to "Off the Ball" to match the player profile attribute naming.

- Fixed bug where starting squad numbers are not set correctly for certain teams.

- when a coach leaves a human team, only the coaching categories left without a coach get assigned a new coach without affecting other assignments.

- When a specialist (GK or fitness) coach joins a human team, he is automatically assigned to the two related categories rather than one.

- For consistency, vacant national team positions will now appear in the job centre, even if the human cannot apply for them.

- Fixed training ground injuries potentially being inflicted by a co-owned player who is not currently at the club.

- Adjusted non-player progression.

- Improved game performance when processing retirements on game update days when database has a very large number of players.

- Bosman transfers can now be registered after the transfer window closes (for nations which allow this)

- Adjusted learning rates of match preparation when using similar tactics.

- Stopped human teams in some leagues getting the same referee for every match.

- Agents now retire at the end of season for the league they work in rather than on the 1st of January.

- When players retire they get removed from their agents client list.

- Added "Throwing" individual training for goalkeepers and re-arranged the sorting order of the dropdown to better match player profile attributes.

- Stopped teams transfer listing the whole team when the team is relegated.

- Fixed issue where player got an additional 3 match ban for being sent off for 2 yellow cards.

- Issuing a player with a warning no longer stops you being able to fine him for a week.

- Fix some issues with incorrect starting days to gain nationality, will be fixed with new games using 11.2 database.




- Danger man comments no longer always pick out the same player for each game.

- The correct topics are now displayed if you go to chat with a player if you are both a club and international manager.

- Reduced the time between able to chat to players about tutoring.

- Added an option for the user to back out of tutoring conversations if the player reacts badly.

- Conversation about a player disliking a team-mate no longer ends without the player giving a response.

- Allowed more players to be tutored.

- Disabled transfer listing conversations for co-owned players.

- Disabled conversations that shouldn't be available if the player is away from the club on loan e.g. place in reserves.

- Improved the conversation flow for when players are unhappy about not wanting to leave the club.

- Players who agree to a contract termination now don't then wish to chat about been unhappy about the contract termination.

- When a player has agreed to a contract termination or go on the transfer list they no longer say they are looking forward to more positive talks in the future.

- If you make a promise to give a player a chance in the first team during the off season or near the end of a season they only expect the promise to be fulfilled the following season.

- Improved players morale reactions to conversations.

- Fixed issue that could cause board to not find any international loan link feeder clubs.

- Fixed removal of preferred move conversations.




- Fixed issue where selecting 'Accept All Loan Offers' and then changing asking price of a player would result in 'No instructions' being incorrect selected

- Added missing 'Tactical Knowledge' column to Mental Attributes view on a team's staff screen.

- Fixed issue with dates being disabled wrongly when arranging tours.

- Fixed Winning a youth competition not being displayed in a player's history achievements.

- Fixed training news item not linking to the correct sub-tab

- Fixed [Home] key not selecting the top news item when it jumps back to the top of inbox

- Fixed incorrect date in greyed out widget for Amateur player contracts

- Enabled editing of custom training schedules in player profile training levels section.

- Selling team proposals should not appear in the selling team's transfer centre until the buying team has actually made an offer.

- Fixed issue where friendly proposal can be rejected but stays on the fixtures screen.

- Fixed custom views having "Custom: " prefixed after matches.

- Fixed custom views not being kept when creating one and immediately using quick flicks to change the team.




- Fixed player being described as not playing well last term when he did.

- Fixed news item referring to the player's contract club when a player vows to help his team "currently under-performing in the league" when they aren't.

- Teams should receive the appropriate "New [league] season draws near" news item for the division they will be playing in next season.

- Fixed code in news headline about player feeling they are been forced out due to their wage.

- Fixed news item referring to a player having problems settling in a country using the wrong nation.

- Improved occurrence and content of fans' view of match news.

- Ensure team can renew loan deal before adding button to news item.

- Players who aren't playing games are no longer picked out as danger men.

- Fixed matchday round-up news wrongly stating 'x goals were not enough' in rare circumstances.

- Managers no longer complain about the state of the pitch when they are the hone team manager.

- Fixed code appearing in transfer bio news item.

- Fixed erroneous record news items for leagues that have opening and closing stages.

- Fixed an issue where the number of games listed in the Manager of the Month news would be incorrect.


Press Conference


- Stopped 'injury hits team hard' question, despite finishing the season.




- Player nicknames now get used in the match on network clients.

- Fixed issue where a match might get stuck if a manager has a player sent off, confirms without making changes and has another manager who is watching the match.

- Removed code from conversation strings on the interaction screen when playing a network game.

- Other players can no longer respond to another managers players transfer request news item.


Backroom Advice


- Action button for squad status changes advice for B team players now work correctly.

- Conversation based advice is no longer generated if the user has already spoke to the player on the same day.

- Correct player is linked when chatting about tutoring.

- Stopped inappropriate advice being generated for co-owned players who aren't at the club e.g. tutoring.

- Scouts who are away on assignments will no longer offer you scouting recommendations.


Board Requests


- Fixed the incorrect completion date been shown for the relaying of the pitch on the board request progress screen.

- Removed inappropriate second conversation phase options for the new contract and give more time requests.

- Transfer income percentage no longer drops so soon after the request has been approved.

- When rejecting a contract offer you have requested you no longer keep getting offered a new contract each day.

- User can no longer request to improve the teams training and youth facilities if an upgrade is already in progress.

- The planning end date is correctly updated when further times is needed when the board is planning on building a new stadium.

- Previous completed board requests no longer appear to restart once a new board request in progress.


Squad Management



- Added code to help try and reduce inflated French squad sizes in future years in the game





- Prevented agent from demanding a lower wage after x appearances clause than the basic wage when the user has upped the squad status

- Stopped players with impatient agents from going straight to min demands when negotiating contracts

- Reduced the time period before agents will re-enter contract talks with human following previous talks having broken down

- Fixed contract end date not matching the contract offer screen end date

- Stopped human user form being able to negotiate his own contract down to £1

- Fixed staff members negotiating contracts when in fact they just don’t have any interest in joining you

- Reduced massive signing on fees for very high earning players

- Prevented user from being able to bribe the agent so much the players doesn't actually get a wage himself





- Fixed approach to sign for players based in England when user is managing in England

- Reduced the willingness of high-ish profile out of contract players from dropping down a division

- Ensured transfer listed by request players asking prices are higher if they are important first team players

- Stopped human managers from having an unfair advantage when applying for job due to their attributes being really high

- Prevented really top players from being touted around for really low values

- Fixed clubs offering you players that aren't interested in joining you

- Fixed some issues to make it easier to offload players via the use of offer to clubs


Player Happiness


- Improved AI managers handling of unhappy players.

- The reason the player is unhappy is now displayed for players who aren't at the managers club.

- Reduced the number of players reacting to feeling a teammate has been treated unfairly.

- Spaced out players getting unhappy about the club under achieving.

- Stopped players saying they don't want to be transfer list in a conversation and then request to be transfer listed afterwards.

- Players unhappy at B teams underachieving no longer want to talk with the A team manager about this issue.

- Players who are transfer listed by request now request to come of the transfer list once the unhappiness is removed.

- Players who have been promised first team football no longer claim the promise has being broken and request a transfer listed when they have been played regularly.

- when a player is transfer listed the player can no longer be unhappy about not being transfer listed.

- If a player has a future transfer arranged then they will no longer get unhappy about not wanting to leave the club.

- Fixed happiness string indicating a players doesn't want to leave the club but he actually does





- Fixed confidence news item post-match stating fans went home in a buoyant mood after being knocked out by a late equaliser (away goals).

- Fixed an instance of the board thinking the user was doing really well when in fact he was only mid table

- Altered match confidence stating fans are slightly concerned following a well fought out draw away to title rivals



Social Networking


- Improved upload progress for YouTube videos to make progress on state of upload clearer

- Removed in game hang when uploading a video so can now cancel while video is uploading easier




- Fixed Portuguese end of season date for when divisions are added to the nation.

- Fixed an issue with duplicating people.

- Champion playoffs now work correctly for lower divisions.

- Fixed some issues with adding new levels for Hong Kong.

- Playoff stages for custom reserve/youth competitions are now shown in the Stages menu in the game.

- Fixed bug where home-grown rules for a competition were being ignored.

- Fixed some issues when more than 1 editor file with new people added are used together in a new game.




- Fixed League Cup press conference/news item describing teams having got through the Preliminary round.

- Fixed bug where team is asked if they want to participate in a reserve league which doesn't exist.

- Fixed the competition rules screen to display the adjusted money for a position/match prize instead of the default value as this varies

going though the years in the game based on the league reputation.




- Swapped 2015 and 2019 Copa America hosts.

- Fixed Great Britain hosting Olympics again in 2020, so soon after 2012.

- Fixed issues with South American U20 international teams not picking enough players for matches.

- Fixed some team expectation issues with the Gold Cup.

- Added Russia to host the World Cup 2018.




- Removed Congo DR from the list of potential host of the African Nations Cup 2015 and 2017 as they withdrew in the real world.

- African Youth Championship 2011 new schedule.




- Fixed foreigners rule in the AFC Cup (Confederation Cup in the game).




- Fixed issue with wrong coefficients being displayed on European Champions Cup group draw.


South America


- Copa America got rid about the golden goal in the knockout stages

- Copa America pots for the draw have been adjusted to the new draw system based on the FIFA World Ranking




- Argentine Premier Calendar table now sorted by total points and not average points.




- Fixed incorrect match rule being displayed on the Rules screen for the Austrian First Division.




- If Belarus does not qualify for international tournament then national league matches should be scheduled during said tournament period

- Stopped Russians being eligible for Belarusian player of the year award.




- Venue of the Belgian Super Cup should be that of current Belgian First Division champions.

- Semi-final dates for the Belgian Cup have been moved to avoid clashes with international weeks.

- Belgian First Division top goalscorer award no longer includes playoff goals.




- Sao Paulo State Championship format change.

- Minas Gerais State Championship format change.

- Updated prize money for final position in the Brazilian First Division.

- Adjusted Brazilian Bahia State Championship tv money




- Chilean First Division B South Zone teams now get 3/2/1/0 points when starting the Final Phase.

- Fixed schedule for the Chilean Cup.

- Amended the disciplinary system which now reflects the real world one.




- Croatian First Division restructure now postponed until 2012/2013 season.

- Fixed lack of winter break in Croatian First Division after league restructure.

- Fixed Croatian Cup only being played over one leg when between NK Dinamo and NK Zagreb.




- Number of relegations/promotions between First and Second Division dropped from 3 to 2 from season 2012/12 as it will happen in the real world.

- Altered Danish reserve leagues scheduling.




- Fixed duplicate transfer window.




- Added the 6th Round in the cup involving the National Championship teams earlier in the competition

- National Championship schedule updated

- Ligue 2 winter kick off time updated




- Free transfers can now be registered outside a window now.




- Added a match rule for Greek national B (max 5 foreigners players allowed)

- Tweaked Superleague euro competition playoff dates so that there are enough dates to handle more than 4 teams involved and matches are played mostly on Sunday and Wednesday.

- Stopped playoff goals counting to the top goalscorer award in the Greek National B Division.

- Fixed Greek Cup final so that it takes place after the last of the Super League.

- Added extra income of 238k Euro to each club that participates in Greek National B Division.

- Tweaked Greek Superleague TV Revenues.

- Fixed the way table points are rounded when starting the European places playoff.




- Fixed some issues with the European playoffs.

- Fixed some issues with the Dutch lower league system.




- Trialist should only ever be able to play in Hungarian League cup matches.

- Hungarian competitions schedule has been updated to be more realistic.

- Hungarian Cup new format is now supported in the game (extra early round).




- Updated and improved the schedule of all the Icelandic competitions we have in the game.

- Removed non-EU players limit for Icelandic competitions.




- New schedule and venue for the Indian Super Cup.

- Super Cup now uses winning team from recent Federations Cup, not the previous season's.




- New date for Quarter Final draw and fixtures for the First Division Toto Cup

- Post split league fixtures now correct.

- No Israeli trialist permitted in Premier and National Toto Cup match squad.

- Fixed Israeli Discovery of the Year award.




- Some teams suffered a points deduction due to financial issue as happened in the real world in Serie A, Serie B, C1 and C2

- C1 playoff final is now correctly playing an extra time in case the two teams in the final are equal at the end of the two legs

- Serie B squad registration rules are now amended (there was a small issue with them)

- Serie A Saturday match have moved to 6pm instead of 6.30pm as it is in the real world

- 1 non EU player per year rule is now applied to Jul to Jul and not Jan to Dec.

- Signing a player on loan then on a transfer doesn't count as 2 non-EU players signed in one season.

- Improved TV dates distribution for Italian Serie A when Continental Cup matches are played during the week.

- Improved Italian Cup Semifinals schedule to cope with Champions League in a better way.




- Fixed fixture venues in Mexican Promotion League.

- Fixed maximum number of foreign players in Mexican Promotion League.




- Fixed the issue in which the contracts where expiring too early in some season having the players released before the last league match.

- Fixed an issue where teams weren't always playing on the 16th of May as they should.




- Fixed Polish reserve and youth League issues.




- Schedule for Russian Premier has been updated avoiding clashes with the international weeks




- Dundee suffered a 25 pts deduction




- Added the possibility to register unlimited under 20 players to the squad outside the squad size limit for the Serbian Super League

- Fixed loan options

- Fixed some draw rules for Serbian Cup early rounds

- Players no longer have to speak fluent Serbian to gain nationality.

- Bosnian and Montenegrin players no longer have to have played a certain amount of league games to gain Serbian nationality.




- New schedule for the League Cup.

- New schedule for Singapore S-league.

- Fixed the teams that take part in Singapore Cup.

- Fixed Singapore league start and end month




- Right TV dates are now displayed for the midweek matches.

- Fixed issue with players being suspended for 1 match after receiving 2 yellow cards in different matches.


South Korea


- Fixed players with a low number of league appearances being selected in the K-League All Star squad.

- Fixed K-League top goalscorer award (from a new game or new season).

- Upgraded the FA Cup format and schedule.

- Fixed K-League foreigners rule.

- All Star Cup no longer played.


United States


- Senior players now count correctly towards the roster rules.

- User can now only offer the appropriate minimum wages for MLS contract types on the contract offer screen.




- Spread the fixtures for every single match day in the Welsh Premier league







- Added 2D and 3D kit images for Liga ZON Sagres and Liga Orangina teams



- Match Engine Changes



Match v907



- Slight reduction in deflections

- Added HASSLE_OPPONENTS, PUMP_BALL_INTO_BOX and SHOOT_ON_SIGHT touchline instructions for AI managers

- Slight tweak to effects of morale on performance

- Fixed players taking unrealistically long first touch when bearing down on goal

- Fixed d-line dropping back too early when ball cleared to halfway by opponents

- Fixed full backs dropping back too deep when ball near opponent's goal and their player to mark still upfield

- Improved lateral positioning of defenders when defending own area

- Some changes to reduce multiple defenders going for same ball

- Made sure player who is best placed to engage ball player in last third always tries to do so

- Some small tweaks to marking of ball player

- Some small tweaks to marking of other players

- Some tweaks to running with ball AI

- Some tweaks to reduce long shots from players asked never to take them

- Tweaks to generic cross, corner and wide free kick target points

- Some small tweaks to on ball decision making AI

- Increased the urgency physios show when attending to head and upper body injuries


Match v908



- Slightly increased curl on corners, free kicks etc

- Fixed players instantaneously reacting to refs whistle as one

- Made players keep up with play slightly quicker when counter attacking

- Fixed slightly over slow movement to mark opponents at dead balls

- More small tweaks to marking and defensive positioning in open play

- Fixed bug causing attackers to misjudge direction opposition d-line is moving in


Match v909



- Tweaked effect of playing out of position on player performance

- Tweaked effect of consistency, nervousness and motivation on player performance

- Tweaked effect of choice of captain on other players' performances

- Tweaked effect of morale on performance

- Some work on passing AI, and choice of pass/cross vs run, shoot etc

- Some work on running with ball AI

- Some reduction in pointless long shots

- Improved penalty accuracy slightly

- Improved shot choice when clear on goal slightly

- Made players stick closer to opponent they are specifically set to man mark when opposition team has ball

- Made players quicker to close down ball receiver after pass is made

- Made defenders get a little tighter to ball player where possible

- Fixed bug causing keeper to come too far out after his team have cleared a corner or free kick

- Fixed some instances of keeper not waiting for ball to come into own area before intercepting it

- Some tweaks to corner aim

- Some tweaks to starting positions of players asked to attack ball at corners

- Improved some off the ball movement, especially of attacking players close to opposition d-line

- Tried to make full backs get a little closer to opposition wide men in general play

- Narrowed midfield slightly in attacking third to create space for attacking full backs

- Given default forward runs setting to advanced playmaker role instead of never

- Fixed bug in use of "standard" strategy for AI teams in FM that caused some anomalies in player instructions

- Tweaked use of strategy and touchline instructions for AI teams in FM

- Increased the chances of other players joining in at goal celebrations rather than leaving the scorer to celebrate solo


Match v910



- Fixed issue that could cause unrealistic wild clearance under no pressure

- Fixed AI not always replacing injured player when down to 10 men

- Slight tweak to player reaction time to refs whistle

- Some tweaks to marking of ball player to prevent too many players engaging him at once

- Reduced number of pointless passes between players in attacking third

- Reduced dangerous first time passes around own area under pressure

- Slightly reduced player recovery time after shot or pass

- Fixed players being able to lunge for ball and go through opponent to do so without a foul being given

- Fixed players making slide tackle or lunging tackles on opponents when ball in air

- Fixed keepers and defenders pushing forward prematurely on clearance or tackle

- Pushed D-line higher up slightly at extreme settings

- Tweaked penalty accuracy slightly

- Fixed bug causing ball to get stuck under player’s feet occasionally

- Slight improvement to player reaction after ball he was moving for deflects off him

- Fixed players sometimes slowing down or pulling out when favourites for ball and hence allowing opponent to nip in first

- Toned down number of long shots on weaker foot or from silly distance

- Fixed some instances of wide man running ball out of play at pitch end instead of trying a cross or turn

- Reduced long shot settings for playmakers and box to box midfielders


Match v911



- Slight tweak to injuries to see less physios on the pitch for minor knocks and more share of injuries to injury prone players

- Tightened up marking slightly

- Tweaked decision making of player on wing approaching by-line

- Reduced needless passes into space to team mates in defensive areas

- Slight tweak to number of passes around back depending on directness setting

- Fixed keepers not picking up slide tackles


Match v912



- Fine tuning to passing AI

- Reduced number of times Physio comes on to treat player who isn’t really hurt

- Slight further reduction in long shots

- Reduced dribbling in defensive third for players set not to do it


Match v913



- Fixed players taking first time pass rather than considering a shot when goal is open or keeper stranded

- Small fix to flaw in marking of ball player who is in clear shooting position

- Fixed some instances of strange passes when under pressure

- Small tweak to closing down of ball player

- Increased AI use of specific man marking against opposition creative players

- Fixed advantage being played when offside player has already had a shot

- Fixed excessive injury time caused by fix in 912

- Some tweaks to player on the day form logic

- Small tweak to nervousness of players playing in important matches, depending on their pressure rating

- Reduced morale drops slightly after a defeat ends an unbeaten run


Match v914



- Fixed players standing still for 30 seconds in open play after taking a knock

- Fine tuned AI use of specific marking on opposition players




PC ENG, Russia, MAC เลือกได้เลย






PC ENG เท่านั้น


PC Torrent Download





PC ENG link ไทย upload-thai.com


upload-thai part1



upload-thai part2





PC ENG เพิ่ม link download จากคุณ ฮูโต๋-ตั๊งโอ๋


mediafire part1


mediafire part2





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น่าจะให้เครดดิตเค้าหน่อยนะคับ :sweat:

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:waaaht: เล่นใหม่อีกแล้วรึนี่ กำลังไปได้ดีเลย แพทนี้ขอให้ขายนักเตะง่ายขึ้นมั่งเหอะะะ :go: แต่ลองอ่านคร่าวๆดูจะไม่ได้แก้ :sweat:

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ต้องเปิดเซฟใหม่อีกแล้วเหรอเนี่ย :sweat: ว่าแต่ไฟล์ lnc นี่ใช้ของเดิมได้รึป่าวหว่า?แล้ว ThaiBuild นี่ของเดิมจะใช้ได้รึป่าวเนี่ย?แต่ยังไงก็ขอขอบคุณมากๆ คับ

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อดเลยยยยยยย :extreme_sexy_girl: อยู่ ต่างประเทศไม่รู้จะไปซื้อที่ไหนคับ :sweat:

มาไวจริงๆ :waaaht: ไงก็ขอบคุณสำหรับข่าวครับ :jams:

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ตัวนี้ทาง SI เค้าบอกว่าไม่ต้องเริ่มเกมใหม่นะครับ :still_dreaming:ยกเว้นคนที่โหลดลีกโปแลนด์ไว้ด้วย

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เอ้าแล้ว ภาษาไทยจะรองรับมั้ยครับ

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เอ้าแล้ว ภาษาไทยจะรองรับมั้ยครับ


ลองแล้ว...ใช้ ThaiBuild ไม่ได้ก็ต้องเล่นภาษา Eng กันไปพลางๆ ก่อน ไว้ ThaiBuild มาเมื่อไหร่ค :still_dreaming: ่อยว่ากัน

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:sweat: กำ ลงไปแล้วด้วย เล่น ThaiBuild ไม่ได้อิก ต้องรอ วัยรุ่นเซง :doubt:

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ขอบคุณมากครับ เมื่อวานตอนบ่ายยังเข้าไปเชคอยู่เลย สงสัยมาช่วงดึกเลยไม่เจอ

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ตกลง ไม่ต้องเริ่มเล่นใหม่จริงหรอ ครับ

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ตัวนี้ทาง SI เค้าบอกว่าไม่ต้องเริ่มเกมใหม่นะครับ :still_dreaming:ยกเว้นคนที่โหลดลีกโปแลนด์ไว้ด้วย

ต้องเริ่มเล่นเซฟใหม่รึเปล่าครับถึงจะเห็นผล อาทิ ขายนักเตะง่ายๆอ่ะ

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เล่นใหม่อีกแล้วเรา เหอเหอ

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