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Football Manager 2011 Patch 11.3

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Patch 11.3.0

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1.ดับเบิลคลิกไฟล์ที่โหลดมาจะขึ้นตามภาพ ให้รอจนหลอดสีฟ้าเต็ม ระหว่างรอห้ามไปกดอะไรในหน้านั้น
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เลือกตำแหน่งโฟลเดอร์ที่ลงเกม ปกติมันจะเลือกไว้ให้อยู่แล้ว เสร็จแล้วกดที่ Update

รอจนมันอัพเดทเสร็จ ถ้าไม่ไปยุ่งอะไรจะเห็นรายละเอียดอัพเดทวิ่งเรื่อยๆ ถ้าไปกดอาจจะค้าง(แต่ก็ไม่เป็นไร)

เสร็จแล้วตรง Details จะขึ้นว่า Completed - 556 files updated ให้กด Exit ออกได้เลย


สำหรับคนที่มีปัญหา แนะนำให้ตั้งกระทู้ใหม่เลยครับ
เพราะกระทู้ไหลค่อนข้างเร็วมาก ไม่อยู่แปปๆก็ไปหลายหน้าแล้ว


รายละเอียดแพทช์ 11.3.0
Football Manager 2011 v11.3.0 Changelist

Football Manager 2011 v11.3.0

Crash Fixes
- Fixed rare crash when User tried to holiday past Assign Squad Numbers news item.
- Fixed array access out of bounds error when rejecting all options from the feeder clubs proposal screen.
- Fixed a rare array access out of bounds viewing a teams fixture list.
- Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes crash when coming out of a match screen if the user hadn't viewed the 3d pitch.
- Fixed a crash viewing player biography for some players on a client in a network game.

- Fixed an issue where a player would not get home-grown 15-21 status correctly.
- Adjusted attendances for big Danish rivalry matches
- Improved link between height and jumping when not using real players when starting a new game.
- Fixed issue with Dutch league being disabled when adding a new manager if an early game start date is used.
- Fixed an issue to do with a few club awards which caused savegames not to load properly.
- Fixed the trial day invitation news item not recommending players when there are players who will sign for the club.
- Stopped lots of players getting upset about lack of discipline because a player wasn't fined for being sent off for professional foul.
- Fixed days in nation counts for players transferring intra-countries with continous living requirements.
- Fixed an issue where transfer deals might not get processed in time on transfer deadline day.
- Fixed an issue where a player was described as an attacking full-back when he couldn't play that position.
- Manager who features on users 'worst opinion' list no longer feels we could become friends.
- Fixed bug where players didn't go on holiday at the end of the season.
- Stopped players requesting transfers due to not playing enough games when they have played regularly.
- Games won/lost on penalties no longer count towards winning/losing runs.
- Stopped players having a 'PR' icon against them on the squad screen when there isn't a reaction.
- World cup award winners for 2010 are now always displayed no matter which game start date is used.
- Fixed biggest defeat record from the starting database sometimes being beaten by a smaller defeat.
- Fixed incremental save not working if date format was changed to use '/' symbol
- Fixed issue where was possible for currency format settings to be lost
- User can now play a friendly match if he has set his assistant manager to deal with friendlies and then sacked his assistant manager and coaches.
- Fixed issue where long term holiday would sometimes end a week late.
- Fixed issue where foreign human manager doesn't get any English language skill when taking over an English team at the start of the game.
- Stopped confidence immediatly dropping to zero for extremely low reputation leagues.

- Fixed problem where sometimes clicking an award link would take you to the wrong award.
- Fixed an issue with the season summary for summer leagues showing incorrect qualified teams for European competitions.
- Fixed bug where division field sometimes isn't filled in for a player's career history.
- Fixed right click menu on fixtures, was previously not displaying.
- Fixed 'Cross Far' and 'Cross Centre' being mixed up on tactics screen corner section
- Fixed retirement date not showing on players profile
- Fixed incorrectly named continue button if used back option to leave match viewer
- Goals highlight option can no longer be selected if match was a 0-0 draw
- Fixed player comparison option occasionaly compairing outfield players as goalkeepers
- In Classic Style tactics, tactic sliders on the player list can now be unticked.

- Adjusted Russian player wages
- Adjusted filling of blank wages at the game start
- Adjusted Brazilian finances and wages
- Adjusted Turkish staff wages.
- Fixed club finacial status bug.
- Adjusted Denmark finances.
- Adjusted Non-league finances.
- Adjusted US staff wages.
- Fixed low sell on clause offer.
- Adjusted Polish ticket prices.

Backroom Advice
- Improved the pre match tactical advice about the opposition.
- Individual training suggestions are now always set.
- Fixed rare instance of staff member welcoming you to the club when he has been there less time than you.
- Players on trial no longer get training suggestions.
- Stopped recommended scouting suggestions including players already at the club.
- No longer advised to drop a player who hasn't started many games because of poor form.
- Stopped player preferred moving advice been suggested when you can't talk to the player about this.
- Fixed some team instruction based backroom advice being Contradictory.
- Fixed goals scored and conceded advice in some cases being inaccurate.
- Fixed full back being recommended to learn "places shots" ppm inappropriately.

Board Requests
- Fixed being able to get multiple feeder and parent clubs by making the requests via the information screen.
- The board now give you money if they approve to increase the clubs transfer budget if the club started with a transfe budget of 0.
- The board no longer will approve increase the clubs transfer or wage budget if the budgets have recently be decreased.
- Turkish clubs can no longer request to buy a private owned stadium.
- Clubs can no longer request to buy a stadium that is owned by another club.
- Approved board requests no longer incorrectly get cleared if you resign as a national manager when you are a club manager as well.
- Fixed issue where a team would find it hard to find a feeder club if they didn't already have any.
- Can no longer request a work permit feeder club if the club is not big enough to get a international feeder club.
- Stopped the user being able to request a new contract after just signing a new contract.
- Board Requests no longer carry over when moving clubs.
- Manager is only able to request a new contract "because time is running out on current deal" if they have less than 18 months left on their contract

- Improve some conversation text and player reactions.
- Players no longer react negatively when you decline their offer make themselves a non player.
- Players who are out on loan no longer request to chat about being unhappy playing in the reserves.
- Non-senior international managers no longer incorrectly have the option to chat with international players.
- You can now back down when a tutee disagrees to be tutored.
- Players no longer get a positive reaction if they agree to be transfer listed or terminate their contracts.
- Stopped user being able to release the same comment each day if there was only one available topic to talk about.
- Stopped managers been able to say a player was signed for too much or cheaply when they where signed on a free transfer.
- Players who have just agreed to go on the transfer list no longer then get unhappy about being forced out the club.
- Players now only react once to the whole conversation rather than reacting to each part of the conversation.
- Players no longer become unhappy with how deal was negotiated when user asks for realistic price.

- Fixed scout next opposition report appearing too early if gap between fixtures is large.
- Season draws near news item missing places relegated teams will be visiting.
- Stopped flood of sponsorship round-up news items when subscribed to nation.
- Fixed issue where 'nth' would not always work for numbers in news items.
- Fixed issue where invalid groundshare information was showing up in news item about a brand new stadium.
- Fixed code in managers comment about promotion chances news item.
- Add current and potential ability stars to the trial day scouts reports.
- Link from "Released youth players" news now takes you to the transfers screen with the correct players shown.
- Fixed manager comment about the state of another teams pitch mentioning the wrong stadium.
- Fixed manager pre match comment mentioning the wrong competition for the match.
- Fixed user been able to comment on another manager repeatedly.
- Stopped club history background news talking about best decade for clubs under 50 years old.
- Fixed player describing loan period at club 'worthless' when he's already agreed to sign for them.
- Fixed "Reject Request" button on player demands new contract news item.
- Fixed x games in management news item stating team are struggling in the league when it hasn't started yet.
- Fixed news item saying B team manager not picking up the controlling club's chairman as the board-level decision maker.
- Fixed news item about the condition of the pitch could injury players mentioning the incorrect stadium.
- Fixed player bio mentioning the wrong player/stats for last seasons top goalscorer.
- Reduced the frequency of manager under pressure news item.
- Ensured offer contract button on agent offer news items not disapearing when player has agreed a transfer.
- Added scout stars to player removed from shortlist news item, loan finished and player leaves club news items.

- Stopped user being able to offer loan till end of next season if player only has 1 year left on contract.
- Helped prevent younger members of rival team being interested in joining that team.
- Stopped really good free agent youth players from only requesting youth contracts, when they are good enough for a full-time deal.
- Fixed inactive teams not removing older players form the loan list.
- Helped prevent really high profile long serving managers from deciding to move slightly downwards or sideways in terms of club movement.
- Allowed humans to re-enter into contract talks if the board offer them another contract shorlty after initial talks had broken down.
- Fixed asking prices for some players exceeding the minimum fee release clause.
- Ensured more teams now have to pay loans fees and wage contributions to loan better standard of players.
- Allowed user to offer terms to players who aren't interested in joining team but at least have a minimal chance of being able to be bribed by excessive wage offers.
- Prevented user from being able to get excessively high transfer fees for thier players after negotiating enquiry offers.
- Prevented staff members from accepting lesser job which they aren't interested in on same pay as better job.
- Upped monthly installment maximum fee.
- Made it easier for highly successfull lower league managers to be considered for higher division jobs.
- Prevented teams bidding slightly over asking price when they dont need to.
- Prevented some players asking prices form being too low when transfer listed by request.
- Adjusted reputation calculation for human managers starting as unemployed to aide in them getting offered a job.
- Stopped board form offering you more in wages than you had previously requested during negotiations.
- Prevented user from being able to purchase players for zero with huge fee after league appearances/goals clauses.
- Ensured loan till end of season is available to korean teams.
- Ensured teams that have to abide by max foreigner rules value thier non-foreign players higher than thier foreign players.
- Stopped staff member with unsure interest rejecting deals that were provisionally accepted.
- Reduced the number of job applicants that also want a playing role as well.
- Helped reduce the number of non-experienced managers from taking decent sized manager jobs without first doing coaching etc.
- Fixed being able to get away without having to pay compensation to players u24 who have turned down equivalent contract offers from thier existing clubs.
- Lowered agent initial demands during contract negotiations.
- Reduced the amount teams will pay for very good old players.
- Fixed human being able to set a contract end date of just a few days.

Press Conferences
- Fixed press conference asking about injured player when he is on loan.
- Fixed press conference asking about transfer window shutting when already shut.
- Stopped player getting unhappy about "Change in Style" question in new signing press conference.
- Fixed press conference not using repeat questions for pre-season predictions later in the season.
- Fixed press conference option wrongly suggesting team to be on drawing side after throwing away a winning position but still win on pens.
- Fixed young player described as "carrying the team" when he hasn't made that many apps.
- Improved the assistant answers to who will win the title question.
- Fixed user asked about potential transfers just after club enter transfer embargo.

- Club playing in league system different to where they are based now have default subscription to their home nation.

- Fixed occasionally being able to replace withdrawn international player with the same player.
- Improved ai decisions on requesting 45 min instructions for their players.
- Improved picking of players for Olympic squads.
- Improved choice of country to play for of dual nationality players.

- "Do The Double" failing to unlock if completed as a part of a treble
- "We Trust You" can no longer be rewarded if feeder club request is rejected
- Fixed the wording on some achievements on Steam

- Added missing customisable columns height, weight, left foot and right foot for players.
- Fixed added player awards not working properly if the "Position" field was left unset.
- Fixed some issues with promotions and relegations involving secondary regional competitions.
- Fixed an issue where the points for a team would go negative if they get more than 127.


- Under 20 World Cup schedule updated.

- African Super Cup to not play extra time when score is levelled after 90 minutes.

- Seven subs now allowed in the Second Division.

- Stopped the ASEAN club championship to happen in the game as is extinct in real life.
- Asian Champions League final is now played at one of the two finalists home stadium randomly as happens in the real world.

- Semi final draw now on same day as quarter final draw for Champions League.
- Stage names on the Europe Qualification Places screen now match those used in the Champions League.

- Removed OFC Champions League Preliminary round.

South America
- Copa Libertadores pots for the group stage have been updated.

- Teams relegated after one season in the Premier Division now get their old Second Division points total used in their average points for the Second Division. (bug in first season only, subsequent seasons already do this)

- Implemented Bahia State Championship new format.
- Updated TV money and prize money for Pernambuco state championship.
- Implemented Pernambuco State Championship new format.

- Colombian First Division groups sorted by points then position in league stage.

- Fixed Croatian Second Division missing a winter transfer window.

- Danish Cup substitution rules changed.

- Fixed some issues with the yellow card discipline rules and improved description of the discipline rules on the competition rules screen.
- Fixed issue with Welsh based teams not playing in English reserve leagues sometimes.
- Free transfers can now be registered outside a window in the Premiership.

- Fixed last matchday schedule and related schedule screen for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.

- Winter break friendlies schedule has been improved.
- Fixed trial players incorrectly being able to play in competitive matches.
- Added Super Cup.

- Non-EU player match rule now used again.

- Changed the youth league to be under 21 instead of under 19.
- Pre-season dates for friendlies adjusted.

- Israeli Premier League schedule and TV broadcasting updated.
- Israeli National League schedule and TV broadcasting updated.
- Israeli Premier Toto Cup schedule updated.
- Israeli National Toto Cup schedule updated.
- Added Championship playoff for Israeli Premier League if top 2 teams are level on points.
- H. Nazareth-Ilit points deduction added for first season.
- League playoffs now over 2 legs.

- 2010 past winners of C1 and C2 Super Cups now get shown properly.
- Bologna to have 2 more points deducted in Serie A, meaning they now have a 3 points deduction in 2010/11 Serie A.
- Serie B and Lega Pro points deductions updated.
- Italian Cup draw: Higher seeded teams always play at home.

Northern Ireland
- Fixed trial players incorrectly being able to play in competitive matches.
- Fixed issue where First Division wasn't being scheduled properly when Saturday and Wednesday matchdays option was used.

- End month contracts for Norway are now correctly set to December instead of November even when signing a new player.

- Fixed Ekstraklasa clubs not taking part in the U18 league.
- Fixture update for for Polish First Division, Reserve and U-18 leagues.
- Fixed 18 year olds born after 31.12.1991 not being able to play in U-18 league.

- Fixed players sent off for two yellow cards in the Portuguese Second Division not picking up a suspension.
- Fixed issue with qualification to the Europa League from the Portuguese Cup.

Republic of Ireland
- Updated the league prizes for Premier League and First Division.
- Fixed number of yellow cards accumulated incorrectly being carried over into a new season.
- Fixed trial players incorrectly being able to play in competitive matches.
- Fixed an issue with the Irish Premier Division relegation playoff being scheduled too early.
- Irish Senior Challenge Cup final now held at Aviva Stadium and has no replays.

- Trialist are not allowed to play in competitive matches.

- Disabled foreigner rule (in regards to players that have Russian as second nationality but have international apps or declared for first nation).
- Russian Cup and Super Cup venues updated.
- Russian Super Cup now uses correct teams if a different game start date is used.

- Updated scheduling for TV matches in Serbian Super League.
- Updated scheduling for Reserve and Youth matches.

- Spanish First and Second Division individual TV deals have been fixed and updated to the current season ones.

South Korea
- Korean relegation between K-League and N-League now postponed until 2013 season.
- National service players can now play against their parent clubs.
- Stopped players with a handful of appearances winning end of season awards in the N-League.
- Fixed bug where players who start national service are removed from the national service immediately after starting.
- South Korean FA Cup now works when league is run in view only mode.

- Squad numbers 1, 13 and 25 now blocked from being given to outfield players.

- Fixed draw for First Division Elite/Second Division playoff.
- Fixed 'Team that played away previous round plays at home' rule not working correctly for the Swedish Cup.

- 2011 Turkish Cup Final at Kadir Has Stadium.

United States
- AI teams no longer hand out developmental contracts.
- Improved squad management.
- The squad status field no longer appears blank on the contract offer screen.

- Fixed TV revenues for Uruguayan teams.

Match v915

- Fixed 2 farly obscure bugs causing keepers to stray out of position at bad moments
- Improved keeper behaviour as corner or cross comes in
- Fixed keepers being overpowered on some point blank save attempts
- Fixed CCC being registered for some chances where a defender is goalside and close to shooting player
- Tried to make players head for goal a little more directly when dribbling close to opposition goal
- Fixed some players continuing to mark passing player when ball is in their danger zone and passer isnt
- Fine tuned difficulty of longer range shots, and shots taken at pace

Match v916

- Fine tuned keeper behaviour at corners
- Fine tuned marking at set pieces
- Reduced multiple players going for same ball when defending set pieces
- Reduced instances of players missing headers badly
- Toned down tight man marking by defenders of players who have dropped deep
- Rebalanced number of shirt tugs vs trips
- Stopped midfield dropping back too close to defence too quickly when defending
- Fixed some examples of players dallying when moving to intercept loose ball
- Made players less fearful of offside when moving forward to support ball carrier
- Fixed player putting ball out of play for injury when there is a realistic chance of someone putting it into the net
- Fine tuned far post corner delivery
- Fine tuned shot choice for better players
- Tweaked "expected result" for FML matches

Match v917

- Improved player marking at set pieces
- Improved AI use of full backs and wing backs
- Small tweak to make defenders cover their team mates a bit more willingly
- Fixed centre halves bombing forward ahead of full backs when team starts counter attack
- Fixed instances of players getting in way of free kick taking team mate
- Fixed issue with players not being recognised as clean through caused by 915 change
- Made players more conscious of getting ball onto best foot
- Some small general tweaks to on ball decision making
- Improved placed finish choice of corner to aim at
- Improved show onto weak foot AI when marking ball player
- Reduced red cards given for professional foul when there is possibly a covering player

Match v918

- Fine tuned passing choice AI
- Fine tuned shot choice
- Fine tuned calculation of CCC's when shooting from an angle
- Fixed occasional bug causing keeper to make save in bizarre direction
- Make full backs generally get forward a little more willingly
- Fixed further and worse instances of players getting in way of freekick taking team mate
- Some fixes to marking of player carrying ball
- Fine tuned general marking AI
- Very small tweak to intercepting of ball AI
- Fixed very rare bug where player would stop engaging ball player to push up field
- Slightly narrowed D-line further in and around own area

Match v919

- Small tweak to player momentum when fouled
- Further adjustment to full backs to stop them going forward too early when ball in own area and hence making it hard for keeper distribution
- Small change to facing direction when player makes run off ball
- Made players slightly more willing to turn on ball

Match v920

- Fixed some examples of underhit short passes
- Made defenders more likely to close down advanced opponent running at their d-line regardless of how high up pitch
- Made players more inclined to keep possession against teams with less men
- Tried to reduce panicky clearances a little
- Made wingers with cut inside or free role instructions run slightly more centrally into space when possible
- Reduced some over ambitious dribble attempts
- Fixed potential cause of bug where defender turns his back on ball coming at him from close range instead of intercepting head on
- Fine tuned turning on ball AI
- Some small tweaks to pass choice AI
- Some fine tuning of CCC recognition
- Improved realism of which direction shots go if misdirected
- Removed "cross frequent" instruction for advanced playmakers and complete forwards

Match v921

- Fixed MC playmaker not keeping up with play if set not to make forward runs
- Try to improve choice of markers at corners
- Fine tuned on ball decisions
- Fine tuned shot and pass accuracy
- Fixed short corner instructions not working
- Fixed goal award score being 0 after player rounds keeper

Match v922

- Reduced illogical running with ball in advanced wide areas

Match v923

- Fixed ME919 bug causing keepers to handle outside area too often


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ขอบคุณคับ รออะไรหลายๆอย่างก่อน ค่อยโหลดทีเดียว อิอิ :053:

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รอๆๆๆๆ ด่วนๆๆ จะไปนอนแล้ว พรุง่นี้มีสอบ

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ขอบคุณมาก พร้อมเล่นละ รอมานาน :look_down:

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รอมาทั้งวันในที่สุดก็มา ขอบคุณมากครับพี่....

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พี่ครับ ลิงค์โหลด ลืมแก้ครับ ติด&qout มาครับ

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หยุดเล่นมาตั้งแต่เดือนที่แล้ว ตอนนี้กำลังจะได้กลับมาเล่นอีกครั้ง :still_dreaming:

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สงสัยยคืนนี้จะไม่ได้นอน 555ขอบคุณนะคราบบบ

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รอโหลด mediafire ดีกว่าจะได้ใช้ตอร์เรสแล้ว :heor:

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ใครจะช่วย ลงตัวโหลดเวปไทยบ้างครับ

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มาแล้วๆๆๆๆๆ เย้ๆ ได้เล่นใหม่สักทีคับ ขอบคุณมากๆ :still_dreaming:

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ผมเห็น Paul Konchesky ยังอยู่ลิเวอร์พูลเลยครับ

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